Benefits of residential and commercial air conditioning systems

Control the temperature of just one room / area

Rather than heating a whole building, you can just heat up (or cool down) a specific room which is both more cost effective and quicker than traditional heating systems.

Energy efficient

Many systems are now triple A rated, the most energy efficient devices available.

Cheaper running costs

Air con units are cheaper to run than traditional heating systems, both in homes and in commercial organisations.


Some air con systems can also heat water and run underfloor heating so there’s no need for a boiler or radiators.

Keep windows shut

This is useful for those who live or work in noisy or polluted areas – on a hot day there’s no need to open all the windows.

Keep customers, staff and computers cool

They don’t like getting over-heated so it’s a great way to keep them cool in the summer… and to warm them up in the winter.

Quiet and unobtrusive

AC units can run on super quiet modes and can also be installed to be very discreet.



As experts in air conditioning, our services offered to our commercial customers range from a complete design, supply, installation and maintenance service through to minor repairs and full breakdowns.

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